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Trust us for receiving the finest range of chemicals like Potassium Iodate Powder, Oxyclozanide Powder, Sodium Citrate Anhydrous Powder, etc.

About Us

In the globally spread industry of chemical goods, our company, Adani Pharmachem Pvt. Ltd., has made a great name for itself and our progress is attributable to our unique product collection. 1981 was the year when our company was established and since then we have been a highly recognised manufacturer and supplier of various types of chemicals. Sodium Citrate Dehydrate Powder, Povidone Iodine Powder, Piperazine Adipate Powder, Potassium Magnesium Citrate Powder, Oxyclozanide Powder, etc., are some of the products which customers can avail from us at affordable prices. Once the production process of the chemicals is finished, we make sure to test them in compliance with the top quality norms.  Additionally, our focus is on remaining ethical when treating our stakeholders.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become a globally recognised company that ensures customer satisfaction and providing the best human services. For attaining our vision, we maintain professional excellence in all of our activities.


The mission of our company is to remain a value-based company looking out for professional excellence across our entire product range including Piperazine Adipate Powder, Oxyclozanide Powder, Sodium Citrate Dehydrate Powder, Potassium Magnesium Citrate Powder, etc., procedures and services as well as maintaining wealth to serve the society at large.

Customer Profile

We have been supplying our products to various key industries and some of them are as follows:

  • Veterinary Formulation
  • Pharma Formulation
  • Drug Intermediates
  • Antibiotics Manufacturing
  • Laboratory Reagents Manufacturing Industries
  • Food Industry- We manufacture numerous products that cater to the demands of food industry. Our products are processed using finest technologies which is why they are in high demand.
  • Salt Industry- In the chemical salt production industry, our products like Potassium Iodate, are regularly being used. Moreover, we manufacture our goods as per the demands of customers so that they are completely satisfied.

Our Future Plans

We have formulated our future plans to lead in the market of APIs & fine chemicals with our vast expertise and far reaching marketing tactics. Our highly professional team works diligently to expand our business reach to foreign countries with the help of our quality-assured product line comprising Oxyclozanide Powder, Piperazine Adipate Powder, Potassium Magnesium Citrate Powder, Sodium Citrate Dehydrate Powder, etc. Moreover, we have plans to expand our infrastructural facility which will enable us to conduct our business activities in a more efficient manner.

Our Research and Development

Research & development is an aspect which is highly prioritised in our company. We deeply research about the latest developments occurring in the chemical industry so that we can upgrade our product range. We also research about our competitors in the market and maintain nominal pricing of our products.

Client Satisfaction

As a client-centred company, we have assured their satisfaction by providing the finest quality of chemicals. The products we provide to clients including Potassium Magnesium Citrate Powder, Oxyclozanide Powder, Sodium Citrate Dihydrate Powder, etc., have always left them satisfied because of their premium quality and affordable pricing. Moreover, for ensuring complete satisfaction of clients, we remain moralistic & transparent when treating them.

GMP Certified

We have been accredited by the State GMP Certificate.

Quality Compliance & Our Quality Standards

In our company maintaining the best quality standards across our product range has been the major focus. We ensure that all our products including Potassium Magnesium Citrate Powder, Sodium Citrate Dehydrate Powder, Oxyclozanide Powder, etc., are tested in compliance with the highest quality standards. Moreover, following are the characteristics on the basis of which our products are tested:

  • Composition
  • pH Value
  • Shelf life
  • Formulation
  • Effectiveness
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